Commercial-Image film

The current hit among customers is a so-called commercial-image film, where the commercial (20 seconds) and the imagefilm (2 minutes) are shown together in a commercial-image film. Here, you can see two personal trainers living in Cologne, who offer their martial arts training in the beautiful park areas of Cologne.

Professional Image Films

Elis Filmproduction for image films

You are proud of what you have built. You have successfully brought an idea, a product, a service to the market and now you want others to know about it. It's time for a professional image film. An image film has a documentary, narrative way of talking about your company, your person or even the idea behind it. The goal of your image film is to build trust with the viewer and portray your company - whether you are a small start-up with a one-person office or a company with thousands of employees all over the world - in a positive light. You want to take a leap of faith. Image films are very popular at trade fairs or on the website in the about us section.

Elis Filmproduction can conceptualize your image film, script it, make it an event of presentation with artistic aspects and modern technology.

An image film is the capturing of a milestone, a recording of a momentary situation in constant development. The viewer of your image film should not get the impression "Great, that was it." but "Wow and they've only just started." He should be left with a positive corporate image and want to know more about your company. Professional image films by Elis Filmproduction help a potential buyer to build trust in your service, your product. A potential applicant learns through your professional image film what you have already achieved and thus you become an attractive employer. You should show competitors that you are strongly positioned and that you know how to present yourself professionally. Image films are not bragging, but a positive insight and outlook on the work of a company.

With Elis Filmproduction we create exactly this desired added value for you, which gives you a confidence bonus compared to companies that appear on the market without a professional image film. Elis Filmproduction takes care of all the work involved, from the idea, the conception, the music to the editing and, of course, the filming on location. We are creative and know what today's viewers expect from an image film. Contact us now and let's talk about your professional image film.




Commercial-Image film