Commercial Launch IO Hawk Legend


The goal was to produce a cinematic product film, which shows that the company has managed to launch a new 'legendary' E-scooter during the 2020 pandemic. it should be action-packed, which is why models (agents) and a professional driver were hired as actors. In addition, the actors and E-scooters were properly staged by specially applied lighting effects.

Why product films are so important today.

Every day, thousands of advertising messages reach us. From the direct mail to the radio spot to the flyer for the supermarket. We turn on our cell phones or computers and are confronted with images and advertising messages that we barely notice. Consumer studies have found that we do not even store 3 percent of advertising in our active memories anymore. What's important for you as an advertiser is to be part of that 3 percent. And that's where our collaboration starts. Of course, you can have a drawn film created that bores your viewers after 2 seconds. Or you can make sure that your advertising message is created to be unforgetable - in other words, exactly those 3 percent of advertisements that we remember. That's exactly what we at Elis Filmproduction are here for: we create distinctive films for you. You get films with recognition value and an artistic statement.


For such demand we offer a complete services. Not only the idea and the script, but also the execution, the sound and the editing. You produce products and would like to have a promotional film for it? In that case Elis Filmproduction is your competent partner.


But how does it all work in practice? The first step is to contact us. You can do this by simple sending us an email: You can also call us or send a WhatsApp to +49 1727678117. You tell us what kind of product you have and what you want to achieve. For example, do you want the customer to go to a store via the video and make a purchase? Do you want the customer to contact you - if so, how? Do you want the video to be an announcement on an update, an enhancement? Are you perhaps a start-up and want to launch a crowdfunding and need a professional video for that?

In the next step we decide what we can do for you. We'll already tell you in what ranges we are in terms of budget and start to hone ideas. Then, we'll talk again on the phone or via video. Or I come to you to meet you in person. We at Elis Filmproduction will then create a script and present it to you.

If you are enthusiastic about it, we will turn your film into reality until you can admire the finished product - your unique film.


We are a young but experienced film production company. Elis Filmproduction has worked on more than 400 films and is very experienced in social media - not only on YouTube, but also Instagram, Facebook and all the new media that are added every day. We know what currently is trending in social media and what is in demand. Elis Filmproduction offers you exactly the appearance that people will remember. Sometimes, this can be just a little thing - the background music, a flash out of the darkness, a smile skilfully staged - we know what works best in commercials and are happy to use it professionally for you.


With Elis Filmproduction, we deliver the right films in the right lengths for social media. Since advertisements are expensive, main films with a slightly longer running time and small reminder films with a short running time are often shot. This way, viewers remember what they have just seen and the recognition effect becomes even stronger.


We at Elis Filmproduction put your product in the right light and very often it is exactly that which makes the difference. We have an eye for it and always have in mind what your main concern is. With all the artistic weaving, it is especially important for you to sell. You want people to remember your product, the special features, the event and - this is by far the most important thing - to buy your product, to use it, to love it, to recommend it.


Every year, Apple's creative department shows what is possible with emotions and advertising: an approximately one-hour commercial broadcast live and watched by millions of people. Apple also repeatedly uses films during the presentation, because with a film they can show their product as it should be perceived. And the success proves the company and the creative department right.


Maybe you're saying now: Yes, but Apple spends millions to create these presentations. Employees work for months on the videos and even the songs are bought.


Yes, that's right and that's exactly what we at Elis Filmproduction do for you: In 1999, when Apple was on the verge of bankruptcy, no one believed in a comeback and the company took off with a product that was available in the market by the millions - the mp3 player. At that time you could buy an mp3 player on every corner, but Apple's was cooler. It was easy to use and could fit more songs on it than ever before. Apple made sure that people could legally download music from the internet. That didn't exist at the time. Apple started very small. That was just over 20 years ago. And where does Apple stand today? It's one of the most valuable technology companies in the world.


Get started today - with Elis Filmproduction and we'll put your product in the right light. We'll get you talked about and make sure people love what you're selling. Maybe the beginning of your personal Apple Comet rise?


Get in touch today and let's talk. At Elis Filmproduction, we have the knowledge, the equipment, and most importantly, the ideas to put your product on film. We can start with a small film so that you can see how positively such an advertising film from our creative hand is received and then increase. We are creative and flexible. We are committed to your film project with enthusiasm and conviction. So that you can sell your product successfully. Our product videos have been viewed over two million times. That alone is a sign of enthusiasm. When do we get to inspire you first and then your customers? With your own advertising film from Elis Filmproduction.