Especially drone shots have become more and more popular with customers. For all shots we put special emphasis on the latest products at the highest quality standard to ensure breath-taking shots. Eli’s Filmproduction exclusively uses the famous DJI Mavic pro 2 to produce drone footage.

Special event and wedding films

Whether it's a milestone birthday, your child's coming of age or your own wedding - these are moments you'd like to be able to remember later. We at Elis Filmproduction take it upon ourselves to set the scene for you. We talk to you before the event, because every event is different. We look at where the celebration will be and then we know if we need to do something about the lighting. We look to capture your celebration, your party as it was - grand. We then edit the work and give you a sensational film that you will love to watch again and again. You can't compare the work of Eli's Filmproduction with the video camera skills of Uncle Herbert, who takes a few shaky shots once a year. Remember, moments like these happen exactly once, and working with a professional like Elis Filmproduction ensures that the team is in the right place at the right time to capture the right thing. Are you so sure about that with Uncle Herbert?

We will create a schedule with you. We know when what is going to happen at the wedding, at the party, at the round birthday and we make the right recordings so that the special event then remains a special event in retrospect.

For this we use the techniques from advertising films and image films. We change the scenes, but keep the sound going. We work with different perspectives. We keep the viewer excited in the scenery. We want him to experience the emotion of the moment, if that's what you want. Over and over again. These are special event and wedding films. No boring slide show. We'll turn your wedding into an event that you'll enjoy edited and edited over and over again, that you'll be excited about and that the people you invite to watch won't roll their eyes, but will end up asking "Where did you commission this?" And you can say "At Eli's Filmproduction." Get in touch today




Beautiful Drone Footage