Commercial Launch: E-Scooter - IO Hawk Exit Cross Exclusive

International Commercials

In this cinematic product film, the focus was on the E-Scooters ability to comfortable drive despite poor road and weather conditions. It was important for the customer to show that the E-Scooter can cope well even in very bad road and weather conditions - even in the snow. For that reason, the team flew to Austria to make it as difficult as possible for the E-Scooter. There, the cinematic product film was shot in deep snow. To produce the footage cinematically and 'wobble-free' elaborate stabilization mechanisms were used to withstand difficult road conditions.

Cinematic Product Films

To stage a product, it is also sometimes necessary to think bigger. An example of cinematic product films: Imagine a household item. It can be found in practically all households. And the production company wants to show this household item in a big way. A few years ago, a well-known company wanted cinematic representation for dowels. And these films have remained in the memory. At that time the film production company made an elephant sit on a swing. A simple and basic idea, but just as ingenious. So the little dowel had to show what he could do. The whole thing with the right setting, the right light, an impressive music - which, by the way, we at Elis Filmproduction can also arrange for you - one thing remains in your mind: the big, heavy elephant and the small inconspicuous dowel. When can we put your dowel or something else in the right light?

Do you also have a product that you would like to have staged in a big way? We at Elis Filmproduction are the right people. Whether you need a film for the cinema or as an advertising trailer or you want to present your product at a trade fair. By the way, your cinematic product film can also be about a service. Artistically we are able to highlight any product or service cinematically in a positive way. Let your product, your service be the main actor and get recognition and recognition value. We are happy to implement this kind of cinematic product films for you. It starts with the idea, the sketching of a sequence. We organize the trappings, a hall, an office, a space. We obtain the necessary permits and we produce your cinematic product films. With the experience of over 400 productions we have been involved in, your product film will also be remembered. What you should do now: Get in touch with us. Elis Filmproduction will create a masterpiece for you too.

Unique Commercials

Do you know this too? You see a commercial and afterwards you think, "What was that all about?" Such commercials may be designed to grab the viewer's attention, but for your product or service, it's money down the drain. A good commercial is like a good essay: there should be an introduction, a main body that makes it clear what it's about, a clear call to action, and a quick conclusion. With pleasure also with a joke, a smile, in order to put the product in the positive light.

Unique commercials by Elis Filmproduction - let's use the opportunity of an example. Suppose your product is a lemon. How are you going to make a unique commercial with a lemon? Well, for example, you could work with emotions. A sunny hillside in Italy, light wind blowing, the camera pointing to trees and you recognize juicy, fresh lemons. In another shot, they are expertly and carefully picked from the tree and packaged. The next cut is a supermarket where the lemons are, a friendly smiling woman takes a net and the next cut is at home. She cuts lemon into wedges and starts cooking while her small child is within reach. The child bites heartily into the lemon, contorting his face. Off-camera you hear "Our lemons are healthy and fresh. Raw, they are not necessarily suitable for small children." Then the child's shocked face fades in again and the name of the lemon company fades over.

This was an example of how you can use emotion and simple messages to draw focus to even such an everyday product as a lemon. We at Elis Filmproduction will think of a unique commercial for your product as well - one that is clear, that makes the viewer of the commercial think, smile, get into an emotion and entice them to buy. If that's what you want your unique commercial to do, contact us today and let's talk.

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