Eli’s Filmproduction Demo

In this demo video Eli’s Filmproduction presents some of the footage that has been produced during years of filmmaking. Short glimpses of various Music videos, Product videos or Food videos! Also, in this Video you can see the quality that can be expected when choosing Eli's Filmproduction for your custom professional film.

Exclusive Social Media Content

Surely you know that the classic advertising channels are becoming more and more extinct. Today, customers want to be addressed and picked up where they feel comfortable. And that is more and more and more in the social media. But social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram can do much more for this: they are able to know exactly what your customers are looking for, what they are concerned with, what their wishes and their goals are. And this is where Elis Filmproduction comes in: We create short and meaningful, professional, exclusive social media content for you. Again, we work with an example: you are a private clinic for artificial insemination. Of course, you can now have a cinema commercial created about us, in which you can see the result, a happy family. But this can be done much better with an exclusive social media content. Here you can specify that, for example, your customers should live up to 200 kilometers around the clinic. You can choose a certain age range, as the probability of pregnancy decreases as you get older. You can even see if the family's income matches your services. And now you have exactly your target audience. We at Elis Filmproduction now make one or more short, professional films that pick up the target group exactly where they are now. So the young woman in the family home with a child's room that is ready but has an empty crib in it. The man who comforts his wife and then pulls out of his pocket a brochure from "your" fertility clinic. In the final shot, the three are seen happily taking a walk together.

Exclusive social media content means that it is produced only at your request, only at your target audience, and designed in such a way that there is a high incentive for your target audience to take action. At Elis Filmproduction, we love social media. And with our exclusive social media content, you will become a star in your target group.

Campaign Films

Can it be a little more? With this simple phrase, butchers in Germany earn millions every year. It's a little something. The extra sale, the little bit more that just goes and that little bit more earns them large amounts of money added up. Why wouldn't you use that in a film? At Elis Filmproduction, we are specialists in professional, stand-out campaign films.

But how can you still stand out in today's media landscape? Often, it's just the little things. At Elis Filmproduction, we know which little things matter and we deliberately put them in the spotlight. Let's take a stand-out campaign film for a glass insurance company. How about shooting the film in black and white, with rich contrasts, the play of light and dark, and only one little troublemaker, a red ball kicked by a child, is in color. This ball shoots through the window pane with an impressive crash.

After that, the insurance or service is faded in in color and as a final scene in color, the little young actress gets the red ball back from someone - in front of the window pane that is now intact again. Sounds good? Sounds like emotion? Yes, even in a glass insurance policy it is possible to add emotion with Elis Filmproduction. We're happy to shoot your standout campaign films for you.

There is nothing too mundane or everyday that you can't stage with a standout campaign film. It's even possible to commission a series of films from Elis Filmproduction that take up the same theme over and over again, taking the viewer through a year with your product, for example. Your product, your service in the four seasons. This way, you have a suitable film about the weather as exclusive content at any time. We will be happy to advise you on the possibilities with Eli's Filmproduction and stand-out campaign films. Get in touch today