Impressive Music Video: I Can Make You Cry – DJ Quicksilver

Impressive Music Video

This music video was shot with the famous DJ Quicksilver , who presents his new single 'I Can Make You Cry' during the Corona Pandemic in an abandoned church. For this project, Eli's Filmproduction not only took care of the production of the Music Video, but also the organization of the location.

It started with MTV - music videos. Today, a band is simply expected to release a music video for their song. But that is not the musician's job. The musician should concentrate on what he is good at - making music. He should be completely in his element. We at Elis Filmproduction do the rest. We put you in the right light. We bring across exactly what is special about good music. Good music arouses emotions and it is exactly these emotions that we transport in impressive music videos by Elis Filmproduction. Impressive does not always mean expensive. We have already worked on over 400 films and our works can be found in social media and often go viral. Isn't that exactly what you dream of as a musician? A song that really takes off? It takes a lot to make that happen. One piece of the puzzle that you shouldn't neglect is the external image of your band to your music.

No one wants to have the image in front of their eyes when the hard rock singer with the shrill, all-pervading voice comes on stage and rocks it all together, as he sleepily gets up in the morning and swaddles his little child. Best of all, he still does it in pink slippers. We show you and your band as you want to appear to the outside world, as you need to appear to the outside world, in order to be successful with what you love - with your music. And we deal with your music, with your band, with your life, and if we have to, with your pink slippers, to show you in the best light possible to deliver impressive music videos. A video that makes history and that you will remember fondly years from now, when you are standing on the Olympus of success. At Elis Filmproduction, we will personally create an impressive music video for you. Get in touch today and we'll rock the music business together.