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Burg Bocholt Film - Eli's Filmproduction

Burg Bocholt Film - Eli`s Filmproduction ...

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Road to Elite X Tao Tao Produktion - Eli's Filmproduction

Road to Elite X Tao Tao Produktion - Eli`s Filmproduction ...

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IO Hawk Phoenix - Werbefilm Eli's Filmproduction

IO Hawk Phoenix - Werbefilm Eli`s Filmproduction ...

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TaoTao Showroom - Eli's Filmproduction

TaoTao Showroom - Eli`s Filmproduction ...

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ÜWG Imagefilm - Eli's Filmproduction

ÜWG Imagefilm - Eli`s Filmproduction ...

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ÜWG Animationsfilm - Eli's Filmproduction

ÜWG Animationsfilm - Eli`s Filmproduction ...

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Sommerfest der CDU EFP Film Stefan Berger

Sommerfest der CDU EFP Film Stefan Berger ...

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Politiker Stefan Berger Film Eli's Filmproduction - EFP

Politiker Stefan Berger Film Eli`s Filmproduction - EFP ...

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We were delighted by his professionalism. The raw concept very quickly turned into a feasible script. The location and equipment was TOP. First-class, professional equipment, very good editing. The communication and the resulting changes were implemented very quickly. The production from initial script to the ready-to-air version took only 4 days. Thank you, I would gladly work with Eli's Filmproduction again.

- Achim Uhrig, CEO Empathic -


Eli’s Filmproduction specialises in focusing on details to allow the images to speak for themselves. He shapes images into a whole and strives for perfection in doing so. The collaboration has always been exemplary and we look forward to further projects.

- Sascha Arndt, CEO IO Hawk -


Eli’s Filmproduction did a very professional and effective job. We really liked his professional advice and the pleasant working atmosphere. We would work with him again at any time.

- Max Semir, CEO Sting 'N' Swing -




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  1. 2015

    First Film

    I studied International Business at Zuyd University, Maastricht. For my semester abroad, I moved to London, United Kingdom where I produced my first ever film: a commercial for a luxury spa. This is when my love of film making began.

    Disclaimer: Photo not actually from 2015*

  2. 2016
    New York, Lissabon and Tel Aviv

    Love For Film

    I took a gap year after graduation to focus on mastering my editing and visual story-telling skills. I documented my travels across New York, Lisbon and Tel Aviv, filming at every opportunity I had - from vlogs and restaurant reviews to landscape videography. I produced over 270 films over 365 days.

  3. 2017


    In 2017, I decided to publicise my progress as a ‘budding’ film producing but posting my videos on YouTube. This would challenge my ability to come up with fresh and original content, but at a fast enough pace to grow my following among a competitive platform.

  4. 2019

    YouTube Success

    While completing my Masters' in Cologne, I worked as the film producer for an eScooter company, IO Hawk. I produced over 30 films, including reviews, tests and commercials - 2 of which reached over half a million view seach. These are, to date, the most-watched eScooter commercials globally. Around the same time, my personal YouTube channel, EliTVlog, reached over 600.000 views.

  5. 2018

    Further Studies

    In order to take my film production to the next level, I started my master’s studies in International Marketing and Media in Cologne, Germany. My thesis explored how consumer purchasing power is influenced by video advertising through social media. This commercial context provided more clarity as to what kind of videos I wanted to produce, and how I can go about doing so effectively.

  6. 2020
    Founding Eli’s Filmproduction

    Eli´s Filmproduction

    As my portfolio grew, so did my confidence and content diversity. With a degree in International Marketing and 2 years of corporate film experience, my style of film was transitioning from funny vlogs to films with purpose. I learned to capture and preserve intimate emotions, such as those of my family during our annual Christmas dinner, but also convey these same emotions into professional commercials. Importantly, these are the kind of films I love to produce.By the end of 2020, I founded Eli’s Filmproduction.


Eli´s Filmproduction

We are exposed to over 500 commercials a day, but how many do you actually remember?

Our mission at Eli’s Filmproduction is to remember. To remember how you felt walking down the aisle at your wedding. To be remembered among your competitors. Whether it’s a 10-second commercial, a 3-minute product film or a 5-minute music video – we can make it unforgettable.

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